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Me Jean-Claude Dubé

Member of the Barreau since 1981, twice bâtonnnier of the Bar of Laval, Jean-Claude Dubé, who taught at l’École du Barreau, is now also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association professionnelle des avocates et avocats du Québec (APAAQ), of the lawyers’ committee of the Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec and of the Ordre des administrateurs du Québec as well as a honorary member of the Sénat de la denturologie. Me Dubé whose practice is centred on criminal and penal law, disciplinary law, ethics, professional inspection and illegal practice is not only a formidable litigant, but also a Quebec leader in representation in both defence and lawsuit.

With nearly 40 years of experience defending people charged with criminal and penal and disciplinary offences and prosecuting people charged with disciplinary offences, Me Dubé practises in the professional system and legislative, institutional and regulatory fields. Over the years, he has been not only a lecturer and trainer at the Quebec Bar, but also a prosecutor for well-known professional orders in Quebec.

Finally, Me Jean-Claude, as an experienced and professional lawyer, a great listener and brilliant speaker, is a valuable resource for anyone seeking his services.

Awards and recognition

- 2009

Recognition award for the outstanding quality of his career, his commitment and his successful performance as a lawyer–Bar of Laval

- 2009

Commitment recognition award for his contribution to the mission of the Order and to the profession development–Quebec Bar

“It is with honor, generosity and professionalism that he has served the whole community as a member of the General Council of Quebec Bar”

- 2008 to 2009

Tribute award for his participation in the Executive Council of Quebec Bar

- 2007 to 2008

Tribute award for his participation in the Administrative Committee of the Quebec Bar

- 2006 to 2008

Recognition award from the Association des avocats et avocates de province (AAP)

- 2006 to 2007

Tribute award for his participation in the Executive Council of Quebec Bar

Me Mairi Springate

Member of the Quebec Bar and the Ontario Bar, Me Springate, who is a passionate, dedicated and persevering lawyer and who takes justice seriously, joined Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A. law firm in December 2018. Her fields of practice are criminal and penal law and disciplinary law. She has also developed a strong interest and special skills in research, writing and representations before instances of appeal. Me Springate also has experience in criminal prosecutions having worked as an external prosecutor at the Autorité des marchés financiers.

Holding degrees in common law and civil law from McGill University, Me Springate, who also worked as a professional intern within the Crown Law Office - Criminal (Court of Appeal) in Toronto, teaches criminal law at McGill’s Faculty of Law as a university lecturer. As an invited speaker, she also participates in conferences on professional ethics.

Me Valérie St-Pierre

Member of the Quebec Bar, Me Valérie St-Pierre, who is a young lawyer, has a keen interest in both professional law and criminal law cases. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Applied Politics - International Relations - from the Université de Sherbrooke and a master’s degree in Public Administration from National School of Public Administration, Me Valérie St-Pierre began her career as a research officer at the Revenu Québec, where she worked nearly six years.

Her law certificate and her desire to help others and to work with the public led her to complete her law degree while working at Revenu Québec. Her real passion for legal matters and justice pushed her to go to l’École du Barreau and become a lawyer. After graduating from the Quebec Bar, she wanted to work in private practice. As criminal law has always been her passion, she did her internship at Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A., where she was also able to practise professional law.

Ms. Cloé Huard

Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A. counts among its team Ms. Cloé Huard, a trustworthy, kind and dedicated person whose work is indispensable to the firm success. Ms. Cloé Huard, who joined the firm in June 2016 at the end of her studies, holds a Legal Secretary diploma from l’École des métiers de l’informatique, du commerce et de l’administration de Montréal (EMICA).

If we take a good look at Ms. Cloé Huard's career path, we can only admire her impressive and interesting experiences during which she showed an interest in justice. First, Ms.Huard worked 6 six years as a screening officer for GardaWorld agents and clients. After, she became the regional assistant manager for guarding services, such as prisoner escorting officers (hospitals, the Court, etc.), grocery stores, protests, close protection during events and important film sets. Finally, we should also highlight her many hours of volunteer work at Amnesty International.

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