Criminal and penal

Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A. defends your case and your rights

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Charged with which offence?

  • Economic crimes
  • Fraud
  • Assaults
  • Drinking and driving
  • Armed assault
  • Dangerous driving
  • Death threats
  • Hit-and-run
  • Theft
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Drug possession or trafficking
  • Illegal practice
  • Corruption

What are your rights?

Presumption of innocence

Remember this: you are presumed innocent as long as a judge or jury has found you guilty!

Right to be informed of all evidence

Do you have all the evidence in hand required for your defence? Make sure you get it before the trial.

Right to remain silent

Remaining silent doesn’t make you guilty! Nobody can force you to talk nor testify during your arrest or trial.

Why choose Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A.?

Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A. will provide you with listening ears, support, advice, solutions and rigour throughout the whole process from the first consultation to the trial. We take all charges very seriously. Our team will analyze your file thoroughly, let you know the different scenarios and represent you and make sure your rights are respected. Doing business with us is a guarantee of a thorough, efficient and solid defence! Contact us!

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Prosecuted for illegal practice?

You are being prosecuted for illegal practice of a profession or unauthorized use of a title by a professional order or a self-regulatory organization? Don’t be defenceless! Contact us to get a good defence! Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats will pursue your interest and defend you before the Court of Québec and other superior tribunals.

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Disciplinary and professional law

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Training in disciplinary and professional law

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