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Criminal offences, investigation by the syndic or private complaint?

Protect yourself from worries and the unknown with Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A.

At Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A., we always start with a consultation during which we take the time to understand your situation and answer all your questions. By having all the facts and documents in hands, we will be able to guide you throughout all the stages of your judicial or disciplinary process and advise you on the best way to act.

As your well-being and rights matter a great deal for us, we make sure that you understand any possible and likely scenario. Let’s work together. We’re always available.

  • We listen.
  • Advise you.
  • Guide you.

Study and analysis of your file

Get a well-documented, thorough and exhaustive preparation

As rigour, passion, efficiency and professionalism are part of our approach, we study and analyze your file very carefully based on the disclosure of the evidence. Our lawyers after evaluating all possibilities will come up with the best solution to guarantee you a thorough and vigorous defence.

Our mission is to defend you against a criminal/penal offence and a disciplinary complaint so you can avoid serious consequences.

  • We guide you.
  • Help you.
  • Defend your case.
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Plea and representation

Make sure you get a solid and efficient representation

Whether you are facing a criminal offence, a criminal prosecution or an investigation of the syndic, you need to call upon a lawyer specializing in criminal and penal law or disciplinary and professional law that knows your rights and obligations to represent you well.

Whether your representation is before the judge, the disciplinary council or courts and tribunals (Professions Tribunal, Superior Court or Court of Appeal), our law firm will represent you.

  • We take the floor.
  • Represent you.
  • Seek justice.

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