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Criminal and penal law

Making sure your rights are respected and defended

Charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, fraud, economic and financial crimes or sexual assault? First thing first: remain silent! Don’t say anything until you have called us! With Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A., you will have access to a thorough and rigorous defence of your rights.

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Disciplinary and professional law

We represent professionals before their professional order
We represent and advise professional orders

Are you the subject of a disciplinary complaint or being under investigation by the syndic of your professional order or a self-regulatory organization? Are you a representative of a professional order or a self-regulatory organization? Get a clear picture of your rights and obligations! Contact Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A. for guidance, advice and representation! Let’s stand together!

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Training in disciplinary and professional law

Aware of ethical and professional standards and principles

Wish to keep up to date your knowledge? Be aware of the potential risks related to the violation of the rules governed by your practice. Benefit from our disciplinary and profesional law expertise!

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Grappling with a syndic’s investigation?

The syndic of your professional order or your self-regulatory organization has filed a disciplinary complaint against you?

Charged with a criminal offence?

Be informed of your rights and decisions to make by seeking valuable advice from our experienced and passionate lawyers!

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Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A.

Offers a thorough, solid and effective defence

Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A. has a team of lawyers ready to defend your rights vigorously and professionally. With our law firm, you’re in good hands, and sure to get a service tailored to your needs!

First consultation

At Jean-Claude Dubé Avocats S.A., we always start with a consultation during which we take the time to understand your situation, answer all your questions and offer advice. Your well-being and rights deserve nothing but a support tailored to your needs and professional legal services.

Study and analysis of your file

Our lawyers will carefully study and analyze your situation without leaving out any details! We evaluate all possibilities to advise you on the way to act and provide you with a thorough defence complying with your rights and obligations.

Plea and representation

Charged with a criminal offence or being the subject of a disciplinary or private complaint? Don’t face justice alone! Our team of lawyers specializing in criminal and penal law and disciplinary and professional law will vigorously represent you before courts or disciplinary proceedings!

defense efficient strong experience complete
strong complete experience efficient defense
experience defense strong complete efficient

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12 mars 2021

Les règles régissant la notion de consentement lors des activités sexuelles

La notion de consentement dans les relations intimes est grandement d’actualité avec les nombreuses dénonciations des dernières années et le mouvement « me too ».

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